We follow 8 families from Vestfold, Norway during the last 150 years

This family research started as a hobby when the main author, Thormod Henriksen, retired from the University of Oslo in 1998. One of the highlights was when we found the finnish family of my father in law Andreas Maukon. The whole net place is therefore called “maukon”. It includes information on a number of families, given as pdf-files. Four families are coming from the islands Nøtterøy and Tjøme, both “summer paradises”. Furthermore, we have two families from Svarstad (Hvaal and Solberg), a family from Stokke and the finnish Maukonen family. Most of the family research is written in English since a number of family members have emigrated, mainly to USA. The members in the families are given a code which makes it easy to see the generation and family relation. These files are updated from time to time when new information is available. Now the following groups are included:

Barndomsminner fra Nøtterøy

Disse barndomsminnene er skrevet på norsk og gjelder tiden 1928 til 1947 da Thormod Henriksen vokste opp på Ulvø, Nøtterøy. Perioden inkluderer 2. verdenskrig.

Nøtterøy family - Østre Bolæren

Far our in the Oslofjord we find the island Østre Bolæren. The families we describe lived here from 1722 to 1916 when the defense department expropriated the island and built a fortress here. The island was in 2004 given back to Vestfold and Nøtterøy kommune and is now open to the public. It is a summer paradise. The present reseach is about the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildron of Edvard and Anne Nielsen which leased the island from 1861 to 1893. The family is followed from the beginning of 1700 and up to present – alltogether 9 generations. The descendents can be found mainly in Norway, but also is England, Sweden, South Africa, Hawaii and USA.

Nøtterøy family - Sparrønningen

Sparrønningen on Nøtterøy is the origin of a family, headed by Rasmus Halvorsen, where some of the descendets emigrated to USA. Reinhard Hall build a small empire outside New York and today we find a number of descendents all over USA. One of the children, Mathias Rasmussen, was married into the Bolæren family and they made Knarberg and Nøtterøy as their home place. The youngest family member, Marie Rasmusdatter, has descendents in Oslo and Sweden. We follow the family from about 1700.

Tjøme family Maagerø

Maagerø on Tjøme is best known for its military activities. Here we describe one of the main families (Olava and Søren Sørensen Maagerø) living there. Like Bolæren the property for this family was taken by the de- fense department when the fortress was built around 1920. We discuss the descendents of Olava and Søren (Sørensen) Maagerø. They live mainly in Vestfold and also in USA. Written in Norwegian.

Tjøme family - Vasskalven

The summer paradise Vasskalven is a small island on the east side of Hvasser (Tjøme). About 1850 a couple of families lived here and we shall present Henrik Nilsen and Othilie Kristoffersdatter from Brøtsø. They got 5 children and 55 great-grandchildren. We discuss this family which mainly live in Norway. Written in Norwegian.

Svarstad family - Hvaal

Hvaal is a farm in Svarstad along the river Lågen in Vestfold. In 1880-ties Ole Johannesen Hvaal and his wife Hilda lived on this farm. They got 17 children, 47 grandchildren and 85 great grandchildren. Here we are discussing the ancestors and descendents of Ole and Hilda. Today the descendents live both in Norway and USA and Canada. Written in English.

Svarstad family - Solberg

The Solberg family described here is from the small farm “Solberg” in Svarstad, Lardal. The farm is located between Svarstad Church and the new Alpine skiing center. The descendents of Martin and Olava Solberg are both in Norway and USA. Written in English.

Stokke Family

The family we describe here has its origin from farms in Stokke between Sandefjord and Tønsberg in Vestfold. Anne Marie Hansdatter (1849 - 1920) and Anders Hansen (1841 - 1880) from Skarpeborge got 4 children, 22 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren. A large part of this family lives in USA and the story is written in English.

The Maukon family in Norway

In Finland, Maukonen is a large family coming from a farm near Rautalampi in the middle of Finland. One of the descendents, Aino Onni Maukonen came to Norway in the 1890-ties. He shortened the name to Maukon and got his education as sea captain in Tønsberg. He was captain for Bucentaur (Busen) belonging to Tønsberg Hvalfangeri and started the whaling from Husvik Harbour on South Georgia. He married Jenny Mathilde Hanssen from Stokke. Here we describe the work done to finds the roots of the Norwegian Maukon family. Written in English.